Map of Spain

Where we are

Find all our locations in Spain and Portugal. As a partner of proximity, Eurocontrol can intervene everywhere in Spain and will answer all your requests. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A local partner

with a national coverage

Find 35 Eurocontrol Local Offices with all of your local contacts.


The head office is located in Madrid, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Eurocontrol Head Office

C/ Cronos, 20 – 28037 Madrid

Tel: 917 027 850 Fax: 913 194 266



Eurocontrol has a strong network of:

  • Offices throughout Spain
  • Laboratories (metrology and material control)
  • Specialised functional departments (Civil Engineering, Industrial Inspection, Regulatory Inspection, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Telecommunications, etc.)

And a set of well established collaborations based on territorial resources.


Find our functional departments below:


ACOUSTIC <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 271 818</i>


MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS CONSULTANCY <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 271 818</i>


BUILDING <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 271 818</i>


ENERGY EFFICIENCY <font color="#31aa47"><span style="font-size: 15px;"><i>913 271 818</i></span></font>


CIVIL ENGINEERING <font color="#31aa47"><span style="font-size: 15px;"><i>917 027 850</i></span></font>


INDUSTRIAL INSPECTION <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">606 168 788</i>


NAVAL INSPECTION <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 751 852</i>


REGULATORY INSPECTION <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 271 818</i>


ENVIRONMENTAL <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 271 818</i>


WASTE <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">629 493 605</i>


OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">913 272 568</i>


TELECOMMUNICATIONS <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">914 811 200</i>


METROLOGY LABORATORY <i style="font-size:15px;color:#31AA47;">610 529 610</i>


MATERIALS CONTROL LABORATORY <font color="#31aa47"><span style="font-size: 15px;"><i>913 272 550</i></span></font>

Why choose Eurocontrol ?


A team of experts at your disposal

more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

Complementary areas of activity

that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.