According to the WHO, noise is the second most important environmental risk factor in Europe after air pollution, causing hearing effects such as communication breakdown and hearing loss.
Inside a building, excessive noise can have very detrimental effects on the comfort and health of the people who work or live there. The same is true for any infrastructure or activity that generates noise and is close to populated areas.
The objective of the acoustic diagnosis is to determine the sound and acoustic quality of the analysed element and, if necessary, to propose the necessary measures against noise in order to comply with existing regulations and to improve people's hearing comfort.

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Acoustic diagnosis allows the foundations to be laid in order to provide maximum comfort and health for people working or living in a building. It is very useful, particularly in the context of disputes. It enables the evolution of the performance actually obtained to be evaluated and the consequences to be drawn as regards the optimisation of the prescriptions and the methodology of the work. The acoustic diagnosis constitutes both an engineering tool, enabling it to serve as a basis for the renovation project, and a legal reference on which the acoustic objectives and any complaints will be based. It also helps to guide the choice of materials in construction projects, with a significant cost impact.

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