The building sector is facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements in terms of energy efficiency and building safety. The construction of new buildings or the refurbishment of existing buildings must meet a series of criteria that guarantee compliance with regulations, the safety of people and property, the sustainability of the building, acoustic and thermal comfort and the correct management of maintenance, among others.
Sustainability implies a radical change in the use of building materials, in the management of waste generated or in building renovation techniques to comply with new environmental requirements. The building renovation and rehabilitation sector is growing in Spain, given the age of our building stock, which no longer complies with new construction standards and represents a high level of avoidable energy waste.

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Throughout its useful life, a building goes through different phases: design, construction, commissioning, operation, etc.... In all of them, good management of the associated risks contributes to improving the safety and efficiency of the building in all respects. 
Our technicians will help you in different specialities, such as the geological study of the land or the quality control of the building and construction materials or the coordination of health and safety on site. We carry out projects and measurements to ensure the acoustic quality of the building and we advise you on how to obtain sustainable certifications for new buildings or buildings in use.
Our commissioning service helps you to start up your building and, during its use, we carry out the reports for the ten-year insurance and analyse the presence of asbestos. If you want to buy or sell the building, with technical due diligence you will be able to know the state of the structure and installations.

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