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We audit your facilities, buildings, suppliers, processes, management systems, etc., so that you can be sure that they  are optimised and meet the requirements established by the regulations or the agreed quality standards. The audit provides reliable information on the audited aspect for decision making and in certain occasions it is a legal obligation.


We carry out mandatory or voluntary audits for various sectors, such as industry or building, and in various areas: supplier evaluation, processes and personnel qualification,  audits for energyacoustics, waste management, telecommunications infrastructures, etc.

We also carry out product and personal certifications.

Industrial Audits

view on a factory
view on a factory

We audit your suppliers so that you can be sure that they provide their services according to quality standards in various fields, among which we highlight nuclear energy. Likewise, we check that your manufacturing procedures are optimised from a technical and quality point of view and certify that the qualification of welders meets the requirements established by the applicable standards.

Extensive information about our audit services in the industrial field:

Acoustic Audits

acoustic auditing in a gas station
acoustic auditing in a gas station

We carry out acoustic audits that evaluate the noise generated by your activity. Industrial, commercial or service activities generate noise emissions that can exceed the noise levels established by applicable regulations. The control of these acoustic emissions, of the levels of insulation and reception in the environment of any activity likely to generate noise and/or vibrations is carried out by means of an acoustic audit and in certain autonomous communities it is a necessary requirement to be able to carry out the activity.


Read more about Acoustic Auditing

Waste Audits of

urban environment services

street cleaning machine
street cleaning machine

We evaluate the quality of urban environment services provided in your municipality, analysing the operational efficiency of waste services, focusing on three fundamental blocks:

  • Coverage of waste collection and street cleaning services, which includes control of equipment, control of the provision of services and control of the rate of contamination and/or efficiency (quality of containerisation points and monitoring of waste collection vehicles, waste).
  • Operation of clean point.
  • On-site evaluation of parks and gardens.

Read more about Assessment of the provision of urban environment services


telecommunications tower
telecommunications tower

We carry out quality audits that guarantee the correct state of telecommunications installations, both mobile and fixed, and compliance with technical specifications and applicable regulations. We carry out physical and remote technical audits (with our V-Audit application) and documentary audits. We also evaluate the performance level of suppliers and the training of the necessary stakeholders.

We also audit the state of mobile and fixed network infrastructures and verify the level and quality of mobile coverage through drive tests.

Extensive information about our audit services in the telecommunications sector:

Energy Audits

light bulb and energy audit
light bulb and energy audit

We carry out energy audits in order to find out the energy behaviour of the facilities and the possible improvements in energy efficiency and its benefits, in order to reduce energy consumption and, therefore, spending. The audits can be classified as investment energy audits for industry and buildings or public lighting. On the other hand, they can be voluntary or mandatory, in compliance with Royal Decree 56/2016, which obliges companies that meet certain requirements to carry out an energy audit of 85% of the final energy consumption every 4 years, in case of not having of an ISO 50001 energy management system.

Read more about Energy Audits

Building Audits

magnifying glass on a wall
magnifying glass on a wall

Knowing the state of a property fundamentally serves to support decision-making regarding a property, in terms of transactions, insurance or management and maintenance. The technical due diligence of buildings that we carry out analyses various aspects, such as documentation, structure or facilities, legal-administrative situation and compliance with regulations, purely technical assessment of the state of the building and its facilities and cost estimation.

Read more about Technical Due Diligence of Buildings

CE marking

Product certification


We assess the conformity of your products with the requirements established by EU regulations so that they have the CE marking that allows you to market them within the territory of the European Union.

We act as an independent notified body for CE marking in the following areas: 


of persons

The certification of persons accredits that a professional has the necessary technical competence to perform certain activities. The UNE EN-ISO 17024 describes the evaluation process that guarantees that the certification complies with standardized quality requirements.

Find out more about our welder certification service under UNE EN-ISO 17024.

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Photo Heating plant gas pipe installation. Industrial or power plant worker checking gas consumption.

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