Civil engineering and infrastructures

The great challenge of civil engineering and infrastructure construction is to create value by improving the profitability of investments and boosting the development of regions with the development of safer and more environmentally friendly transport infrastructures and the most innovative and sustainable projects in the industrial, energy and environmental fields.

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A civil engineering project is defined as the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of building works and infrastructure. Engineers must succeed in meeting the needs of society while ensuring the safety of workers, the public and the protection of the environment. The main characteristics of a civil engineering infrastructure project are those that determine the nature and size of the construction. It is essential to respect all these characteristics in order to achieve a viable and coherent project in terms of organisation, team management, costs, complexity and results.

From the logistical aspects with material and human resources, to the analysis of materials, to the management of deadlines, engineering and infrastructure projects are complex. At Eurocontrol, we accompany you through all stages of construction to ensure that it is carried out within the established parameters and respects the project, safety and the environment.

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