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Islazul shopping centre: a successful Sustainable Water Management (SWM) Plan

Top News03/21/2022
Since 2015, the ISLAZUL Shopping Centre in Madrid has entrusted Eurocontrol's teams with its sustainable water management plan, allowing it to meet one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals: ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
Thanks to the implementation of its Origen plan, the Islazul Shopping Centre, which is located on the outskirts of Madrid, has effectively managed to save more than 4 million litres of water per year and reduce the average consumption per visitor from 11.69 litres in 2015 to 10.14 litres currently. One of the plan’s objectives is to comply with one of the 17 sustainable development goals set up by the UN and to comply with the authoritative order for efficient water management established by the City of Madrid for industrial, commercial and service facilities whose consumption is equal to or greater than 10,000 m3 per year. 

Eurocontrol's teams supported the Islazul Shopping Centre to establish and implement two sustainable water management plans (2015-2019 and 2019-2022 periods) and carry out an audit of water use every two years.

The sustainable water management plan:

a necessary tool for effective and efficient water use

water outlets in a shopping centre
water outlets in a shopping centre
These Sustainable Water Management (SWM) Plans are necessary tools for effective and efficient water use. Each plan details the projected use of the resource, identification of areas for water reduction, recycling, reuse or use of rainwater and the efficiency measures to be implemented to achieve the proposed objectives. Plans should be renewed every four years to maintain their effectiveness and their objective of continuous improvement and reduction of water consumption.

A multi-stage assignment

The preparation of the SWM Plan is structured around three basic phases:

  • Initial collection and analysis of information
  • On-site data collection
  • Proposed improvements, structured around different operational programmes, based on the work carried out in the previous phases and in agreement with the Islazul Shopping Centre maintenance team.


After the analysis and data collection, a report is drafted in which the operational programmes are developed, covering the following aspects:

  • Management programmes: focused on controlling water consumption in all phases of the consumer's activity
  • Savings programmes: focusing on awareness raising and good practices
  • Efficiency programmes: focusing on technical improvements to reduce consumption
  • Replacement programmes / reuse programmes: focusing on water reuse projects
  • Waste control / pollution reduction programmes: water quality monitoring and legal compliance in terms of discharge


Following the initial audit, concrete measures were implemented at the Islazul Shopping Centre:

  • Installation of sub-meters to monitor consumption by zones
  • Training campaigns for employees and the public
  • Replacement of taps and other consumer systems with more efficient ones
  • Implementation of a preventive maintenance plan for consumption points
  • Installation of an irrigation water recovery system for the vertical garden
  • Implementation of a rainwater reuse system for cleaning the facilities


All these measures and the missions carried out by the Eurocontrol teams contributed to the success of this plan.


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