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Digital transformation has long been a reality for companies, which must evolve and adapt to it in order to grow and become more productive and efficient. But it also involves new risks for which they must prepare themselves: digital risks.

Eurocontrol accompanies companies in the management of digital risks, to ensure the reliability of information systems and data protection.

Apave Digital : our areas of activity

  • DataSciense

Data integration, artificial intelligence and data visualization
Risk assessment and mapping

  • Assessment and certification

Certification of systems, people, products and services

  • Digital inspection platform

Platform for exchange between companies and inspection companies and auditors on a global scale
Proposals of new services to clients
Carbon footprint reduction through geolocation

  • Cyber security

Support to companies 

  • Evaluation of available tools against cyber-attacks
  • Awareness-raising and training of managers and personnel

Evaluation services:

  • Audit and consultancy : Maintain and control the level of cyber security of the IT system. 
  • Evaluation of security products: laboratory accredited by COFRAC (French accreditation body) and approved by ANSSI.

  • Data protection (strategic and personal)
  • Security of strategic and personal data
  • Compliance with RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation)


Cyber risk factors

  • Structural : diagnosis (1st year) and inspection (following years)
  • Technical : vulnerability analysis of Internet sites
  • Human : aptitude (training) and attitude (phishing)
Personal and strategic data
  • Structural : diagnosis (1st year) and inspection (following years)
  • Technical : Web site analysis
  • Human : aptitude (training)

Our cybersecurity offer

  • White Paper on the use of cybersecurity
  • Self-diagnosis to contextualize cyber attack risks  




  • Cybersecurity diagnosis (1st year) report and suggested action plan
  • Inspection of cyber protection and cyber security measures (following years)
  • Annual on-site verification and update of measures put in place against cyber-attacks Report and suggested action plan
  • Vulnerability scan of Internet sites (identification of security flaws)




  • Training of personnel in cyber security: classroom, virtual classroom or online training.
  • Training of managers and decision-makers in cyber risks.
  • Training objective: to recognize cyber risks and their impact on production. Classroom, virtual classroom or online training.
  • Phishing campaigns and drafting of the corresponding report.

Our data protection offer

  • Self-diagnosis to contextualize data loss risks


  • Data Protection Diagnosis (1st year)
    Report and suggested action plan
    Inspection of the action plan in accordance with the regulation (following years)
    Annual report on GDPR and on-site verification and update of the measures put in place for data protection.
    At the end of the assessment, an Apave expert drafts a report and suggestions for an action plan. 

  • Website compliance analysis 
    Remote audit of the customer's website and identification of non-conformities and drafting of a report.


  • Training of staff in data protection. Classroom, virtual classroom or online training.
  • Training of managers and decision-makers on data protection impacts. 
    Training objectives: to recognize the impacts and stages of compliance with the GDPR.
    Face-to-face, virtual classroom or online training

Our other services

Photo Heating plant gas pipe installation. Industrial or power plant worker checking gas consumption.

Inspection and verification

Testing and measurements

Tests and measurements

technical advice

Consulting and technical support



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Facing recruitment difficulties or emerging jobs: pragmatic pathways with many practical exercises for a good acquisition of skills

A network of 145 training centres in France:

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