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Transport planning and studies

Evaluation and prediction of the impacts of transport on safety and the environment. Transportation planning and studies develop and apply models for the evaluation and prediction of transportation impacts.

What is

transport planning and studies?

traffic on highway
traffic on highway
Transport planning and studies allow, in general, knowing the travel habits and needs of users of a certain territory or means of transport, evaluating the impact of changes in supply, etc. Transport studies also facilitate the detection of anomalies or deficits in the service.

how can we

help you?

Our multidisciplinary team advises you throughout the value chain of infrastructures, services, equipment and transport systems.


Our offer includes the implementation of transport strategies and policies, transport economics, functional and feasibility studies, economic-financial studies, exploitation and capacity, models and simulations, operational safety, competition and regulation. This wide offer is specified in very diverse works:


  • Transportation studies.
  • Traffic studies.
  • Technical-economic feasibility studies.
  • Economic-financial plans.
  • Master and sector plans.
  • Study of concessions.
  • Transportation terminal projects.
  • Studies and projects of logistics facilities.

We have developed a wide variety of transport planning studies and projects for both public and private clients, in different fields:

  • Rail transport: analysis of existing networks and comprehensive planning of rail transport, both cargo and passengers, and its connections with other modes of transport.
  • Highways and road safety: planning of large transport lines at a territorial level, road safety consultancy and feasibility studies for concessions and PPPs.
  • Airport infrastructures: our know-how in airports allows us to offer high value services for the realization of master plans and consultancy in airport systems, having important clients, both Spanish and international, as a reference.
  • Multimodal urban transport: strategic plans for large cities, design and implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans, traffic and demand studies.


We provide independent, reliable and flexible technical support that adapts to each project to meet the needs of our customers, help them achieve their goals and optimize their resources.

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related services

Men drafting infrastructures
Drafting the designs for civil engineering projects

We design civil works projects for public administrations, public infrastructure management companies, private companies holding concessions for infrastructure works, construction companies and private developers.

We carry out our work for road, railway, hydraulic and airport infrastructures, for which we have an important and experienced multidisciplinary team of specialised technicians.

Three men supervising of civil engineering work
Supervision of civil engineering work

The purpose of the work done in Technical Assistance is to monitor the performance of the civil engineering work from a number of points of view: quantitative, qualitative and geometric; budgetary; production and deadlines; startup and operation.

workers controlling the work
Civil works project management

The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for the work management services, its tasks consisting of collaborating with the Administration in the reasonable verification that the work done in general, and in particular the structures and installations, is completed in accordance with the project and the requisites put in place in the applicable Standards, Instructions and Regulations.

For the implementation of the project Management work, Eurocontrol has highly specialised management personnel which is backed up by a broadly experienced multidisciplinary technical team.

Why choose Eurocontrol ?


A team of experts at your disposal

more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

Complementary areas of activity

that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.