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Civil works project management

The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for the work management services, its tasks consisting of collaborating with the Administration in the reasonable verification that the work done in general, and in particular the structures and installations, is completed in accordance with the project and the requisites put in place in the applicable Standards, Instructions and Regulations.

For the implementation of the project Management work, Eurocontrol has highly specialised management personnel which is backed up by a broadly experienced multidisciplinary technical team.

What is the scope of  

our technical control work?

  • Documentation Control.
  • Controls on the building of structures, enclosures, roofing and installations.
  • Controls on material trials conducted by the Contractor for the Work.
  • Controls on the final tests performed on structures and installations.


In addition to immediately notifying the person designated by the Client of the results of the checks made, at the end of each phase Eurocontrol will issue the following written reports on the work done:


  • Reports on documentation control.
  • Inspection reports.
  • Test reports.
  • Summary monitoring reports.
  • Report of review of the Final Documentation.


Eurocontrol complies strictly with the controls on quality, deadlines and the rules on occupational safety and health, providing backing in resolving problems arising during the work, managing the associated expropriations, and proposing structural solutions where necessary.

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Three men supervising of civil engineering work
Supervision of civil engineering work

The purpose of the work done in Technical Assistance is to monitor the performance of the civil engineering work from a number of points of view: quantitative, qualitative and geometric; budgetary; production and deadlines; startup and operation.

Construction site
Environmental consultancy and assistance on construction sites

The need to provide environmental management on jobs is established not just in the applicable national and sector legislation but also in Environmental Impact Declarations issued as part of the process to authorise projects and actions.

In such cases, the Environmental Works Management (DAO) is the result of the decentralisation of the Project Management, and takes up responsibility for the monitoring and control of all the environmental aspects associated with the job. Its role is therefore key, and is highly relevant.

protective helmets
Site health and safety coordination

Eurocontrol. has site H&S coordinators with an extensive track-record both in different types of work and in the time spent on each site. Eurocontrol offers your company a team that covers all stages on a construction site, from the design stage to completion.

Eurocontrol prepares any type of documentation required by Royal Decree 1627/97:


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