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Complylaw Ecoiuris Evidence

More and more legal requirements are sometimes neglected or difficult to apply, especially in the areas of environment, occupational risk prevention or industrial safety.
Eurocontrol manages the process and obligations that your organisation must follow to comply with these regulatory requirements.
To do this, Eurocontrol provides you with a digital management system for real-time access to legal data, current procedures and other documents related to these areas, so that your company will be sure to have the security of having the update of each administrative regulation according to specific criteria.

What is

Complylaw Ecoiuris Evidence?

Save time and avoid errors thanks to the management system of the evidences to be processed that helps you to control their status and allows you to:

  • Consult the procedures and obligations to be fulfilled by your organization.
  • Manage the status of the fulfillment of your obligations.
  • Provide a system of configurable alerts, control changes in the requirements and expiration of obligations.
  • Many other functionalities: include notes, attach files, add requirements specific to the organization....

You can consult the reports:

  • By type of file: informative, procedure, consultation.
  • By vector: Water, Waste, Atmosphere, Management Systems, General and Procedures, Territory, Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • By sub-sector: (for example: in the Water vector: Collection and Supply, Discharge, Treatment of surface and sea water, Groundwater).

Our services

Law book
Law book

Once you have selected the criteria for consulting the reports, you will have a system for managing the evidence to be processed, in order to help you control their status.

  • Consult the applicable files detailing the procedures to be carried out.
  • Monitor the status of evidence through a traffic light system.
  • Receive warnings of the expiration date if the user sets them in the calendar.
  • Possibility of adding multiple expirations, when several elements must be controlled to comply with the same obligation.
  • Possibility of adding the organization's own evidences and those derived from Municipal Ordinances.
  • Access to the legal texts of the general legislation database.
  • Consult municipal ordinances from all over Spain.
  • Attach documentation associating route.
  • Documentary manager that allows us to incorporate to the evidences all the documentation that allows us to accredit before third parties the fulfillment of the obligations and procedures.

Periodically the EVIDENCES files are updated to adapt the content to the approval of new legal provisions or the modification of the existing ones. The communication of these changes is done through a system of notices by e-mail and within the application.

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Why choose Eurocontrol ?


A team of experts at your disposal

more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

Complementary areas of activity

that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.