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External Prevention Service

Eurocontrol's External Prevention Service places at your disposal an interdisciplinary team that integrates all the elements that make up safety, hygiene and ergonomics in your company. Our External Prevention Service is accredited by the Ministry of Labor at the national level.

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All our actions are carried out in accordance with strict technical and regulatory quality assurance standards. The starting point of our interventions is based on the initial risk assessment, the planning of preventive action and the periodic control of working conditions.

We acquire the commitment with all our clients to offer effective solutions, oriented to the specifications of each company, adapted to the regulations established by the competent organisms and with a very competitive price, in which the client chooses the option that best suits their needs.

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security cask
security cask

As an External Occupational Risk Prevention Service, we are able to offer all clients a comprehensive and complete service, covering the four specialties established in Law 31/1995 on Occupational Risk Prevention:

  • Safety at Work
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology
  • Health surveillance

Concert of external prevention service

Since 2000, Eurocontrol has carried out its work as an External Prevention Service, giving support to employers for the development of preventive management:

Definition of the Occupational Risk Prevention System.

  • Prevention plan. Law 54/03. Design, Development, Implementation and Monitoring.
  • Preparation of annual plans and programs of preventive actions.
  • Design of the Training, Information and Consultation Plan for workers.
  • Action protocol for the Coordination of Business Activities.
  • Training programs on general and specific risks. Design and development.
  • Program for the acquisition of goods and equipment. Design and monitoring.
  • Analysis program for the investigation of accidents and incidents as well as occupational diseases.
  • Preparation of annual report.
  • Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Determination of priorities in the adoption of preventive measures (Planning).
  • Advice and supervision of the control of the effectiveness of the preventive measures adopted by the employer.
  • Compliance studies on industrial safety (pressure apparatus, APQ, elevation, transport, etc.
  • Preparation of Occupational Safety Procedures: Access to confined spaces, Work at height, Electrical work, etc.


Prevention plan for
heat stress risks

Termical stress
Termical stress

We create a specific plan adapted to the particularities of your activity and to the heat stress risks of your workers, through five main lines of action:


  • Communication. Every year, when the season with a risk of extreme heat arrives, we issue communications to companies reminding them of the risk of carrying out demanding physical tasks at times of extreme heat or maximum sunshine and reminding them of the measures to adopt in the event of such tasks.

  • Visits to work centres. We visit our clients‘ work sites to analyse in situ the possible risk situations for workers’ health caused by adverse weather conditions. We help workers and employers to implement the necessary prevention measures.

  • Training campaign. In collaboration with the Eurocontrol Training School, we offer workers and companies the possibility of attending our various training centres to receive training and information on the risks of carrying out certain jobs in adverse weather conditions (heat, sunshine, lack of humidity, low ventilation, etc.) and the measures to be applied in each case.

  • Management of PPE. We advise you on the cataloguing and selection of the optimum personal protective equipment (PPE) for each type of task, always looking for the combination of properties of each one of them (reduction of insolation, minimum heat input, WBGT index calculation, UNE-EN ISO 7933 Thermal Overload Index Method (IST), etc.) in order to select the most suitable for each case.

  • Specific health surveillance. We carry out specific health examinations prior to carrying out certain jobs in hazardous conditions or even after events of severe exposure to heat that may have affected the worker, in order to determine their capacity to absorb heat and, therefore, their degree of aptitude for the task in question.

External prevention service for

companies with less than ten employees

If you meet the following requirements, please contact us

- Your company has less than ten workers
- Your company has a fixed workplace,
- The employer habitually carries out his professional activity in the workplace.

We offer you the development of the preventive activity so that your company complies with the applicable regulations in PRL in force.

External prevention service

for freelancers

If you are freelance, we offer you the necessary services to comply with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks in terms of health and safety:

- Occupational medical examination with certificate of aptitude.

- Basic course on Occupational Risk Prevention.

- Access to your clients' works and facilities.

In addition, if you grow and hire personnel, you don't have to worry about anything, we take care of the necessary arrangements.

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laboral risks
Advice and consultancy in Occupational Risk Prevention

Occupational risk prevention is a discipline that requires the specialisation of the personnel in charge of planning, implementing and monitoring it. Our technicians advise you in this task, carrying out the assessment of the risks that affect the health and quality of life at work of your employees, the necessary audits and the prevention plan.

chimical products
Industrial Hygiene

Countless studies have been able to demonstrate the cause-effect relationship between certain jobs and the development of certain diseases. Most of these diseases do not show obvious symptoms until after a long time, even years. It is therefore essential to approach the problem from a preventive point of view, as this is the only way to achieve an optimal state of health for the worker at the end of his or her working life. Industrial hygiene is one of the tools we can use to achieve this goal.

ergonomy in the office
Ergonomics and applied psychosociology

Ergonomics and psychosociology assess the working conditions in a work environment. The assessment will vary according to personal characteristics and the factors surrounding the workplace; it will also be necessary to assess the type of task to be carried out and its duration. To do this, our specialised technicians analyse each workstation and the most appropriate study method, in order to propose the appropriate corrective measures.

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