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Environmental Technical Assistance

Activities likely to generate an environmental impact must meet a series of administrative and technical requirements and it is essential to be accompanied to ensure compliance.

From assessments to the preparation of monitoring programmes, including environmental studies of all kinds, Eurocontrol provides you with advice and technical support. We are experts in the processing of environmental files and in the drafting of the necessary studies, both for the general state administration and in the autonomous communities.

What is

Environmental Technical Assistance?

In order to respond to environmental risks and challenges, such as pollution prevention and management, integration of the environmental regulatory context, water management, energy optimisation, risks of storage facilities and activities, health risks and waste management, it is necessary to call upon a technical assistance and consultancy service in the environmental field.

Our services

a man in work clothes in a field with solar panels
a man in work clothes in a field with solar panels

In addition to the regulatory activities, Eurocontrol offers a technical assistance and consultancy service in Environmental activities. Our principal areas of activity in this field are the following:


  • Environmental impact studies
    • Ordinary and simplified strategic environmental assessment
    • Ordinary and simplified environmental impact assessment of projects
    • Environmental assessment of activities
  • Environmental Risk Analysis (Environmental Liability Law)
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • On-site waste management studies

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related services

smoke escaping from several factory chimneys
Control of atmospheric emissions
The emission of pollutants from industrial activities changes the composition of the atmosphere and degrades air quality. The control of gaseous pollutant emissions into the atmosphere has become a major issue for the protection of human health and the environment.
To prevent these risks, regulations have defined discharge limits for certain polluting substances and impose periodic controls.
Calibration of automatic measurement systems
Calibration of automatic measurement systems (SAM)
Ensuring air quality and measuring pollutant emissions requires perfectly calibrated measuring devices. These devices not only measure atmospheric emissions but also continuously measure the oxygen concentration in the flue gases of boilers and industrial furnaces for combustion control and optimisation.
Pollutants are measured by certified analysers using reference methods. The monitoring methods are adapted according to the expected pollutant levels (fixed measurements, indicative measurements, modelling, objective estimation, etc.).
factory with 3 smoke columns in front of a lake
Pollutant dispersion studies

The dispersion of pollutants is a major problem for the preservation of the environment, whether they are atmospheric or at ground level: modelling the dispersion of pollutants emitted by an installation into the atmosphere makes it possible to quantitatively assess the impact on air quality of an industrial project or an existing activity and to evaluate the risks in the event of a large-scale release of pollutants. 

Its objectives are, on the one hand, to map the average concentrations and deposition of pollutants emitted and, on the other hand, to check compliance with regulatory standards.

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