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What is

a technical assessment?

inspection of recreational boat
inspection of recreational boat

In a second-hand market as active as that of boats, on certain occasions, the technical assessment is essential to support the decision to purchase or grant insurance.

Knowing the general condition of a vessel minimizes the risks of an operation.

Likewise, to market boats we have the Confidence Seal. If a seller, broker, workshop or other agent wants to prove to the market and the authorities the suitability of their product, they will need a third-party certification, which ensures the independence of the certification.

This service is essentially, but not exclusively, aimed at:

  • INSURERS, who wish to assess the risk before insuring.
  • BUYERS, who wish to assess the risk of their investment.
  • NAUTICAL AND SELLERS IN GENERAL, who wish to add value to their product.

how can we

help you?

inspection of recreational boat
inspection of recreational boat
Eurocontrol establishes 4 levels of evaluation. You decide what level of risk you take, or in other words, what level of trust you want:
  • Level 0: Study of the documentation and issue of a report on the documentary status of the vessel.
    Benefits: Know if it is up to date in terms of technical inspections, the waters through which it can or could navigate, the possibility of increasing the number of people it could admit, the possibility of changing the current motorization, …

  • Level 1: An inspection in a dry marina, slipway or jetty without carrying out performance tests, including only a visual inspection and the study of documentation.
    Additional benefits: verify the veracity of the information without having to travel to the place where the vessel is located.

  • Level 2: Comprehensive inspection, including safety (as in the ITB) but increased with issues of performance, comfort, ...
    Additional benefits: verification by an independent technician of the characteristics of the boat, and justification of its value if required.

  • Level 3: thorough inspection of certain details ("a la carte" inspection), such as sea trials, equipment operation, ...
    Additional benefits: exhaustive and specialized inspection in any aspect desired by the client.

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recreational boat
recreational boat
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