conductos de ventilación en una fábrica

Inspection of HVAC industrial ventilation systems

Cleaning up workplaces in industrial environments is a priority for occupational and environmental health in order to avoid exposure of the population to dangerous substances. The development of ventilation, filtration, pollutant capture and containment systems is becoming increasingly sophisticated, depending on the pollutants emitted. 
And in a context of rising energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improving the energy performance of buildings is a major challenge.
Eurocontrol is monitoring all these developments to ensure quality controls and to protect health risks in the workplace.

What is the

inspection of ventilation and air treatment?

The inspection of ventilation and air treatment (HVAC) systems in industrial installations guarantees that they adequately fulfil the safety functions for which they were designed and that there are no degradation processes that prevent the satisfactory fulfilment of these functions.


At Eurocontrol we test ventilation and air treatment (HVAC) systems in industrial installations, in accordance with the requirements established in the applicable reference standards (UNE-EN-ISO 14644, ASME AG-1, SMACNA-HVAC System Testing, ACGIH, etc.).



Ventilation outlet on the roof of a factory
Ventilation outlet on the roof of a factory
  • Efficiency tests on HEPA filtration units.
  • Tightness tests on filtration units, ducts and dampers.
  • Measurement of flow rates in ducts for system balancing.
  • Execution of acceptance tests on site (in situ) and periodic tests.
  • Advice on the preparation of supply specifications for qualified fans, filtration units and dampers.
  • On-site acceptance testing or on-site testing.

In-situ acceptancetesting

or on-site testing

  • Leak testing and structural capacity testing of housing and ductwork.
  • Filter frame leakage testing.
  • Flow capacity testing.
  • Uniform flow distribution and air-aerosol mixing test.
  • HEPA filter leak test.
  • Leakage test of Active Carbon filters.
  • Damper by-pass test.
  • Air conditioner operation test.


We have qualified inspectors according to UNE 73 405:2001 and ANSI/AMSE N45.2.6-1978.

We have specific equipment to carry out all types of tests required in filtration and ventilation systems:

  • Multifunction portable equipment.
  • Hot wire anemometers, windlass anemometers and Pitot tubes.
  • PAO aerosol detector photometer, Model TDA 2iN by ATI.
  • Hot aerosol generator Model TDA 5C from ATI.
  • Precision digital manometer for absolute pressure measurement.
  • Precision digital micromanometer for relative pressure measurement.

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