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Industrial Hygiene

Countless studies have been able to demonstrate the cause-effect relationship between certain jobs and the development of certain diseases. Most of these diseases do not show obvious symptoms until after a long time, even years. It is therefore essential to approach the problem from a preventive point of view, as this is the only way to achieve an optimal state of health for the worker at the end of his or her working life. Industrial hygiene is one of the tools we can use to achieve this goal.

What is

industrial hygiene?

test in laboratory
test in laboratory

Industrial hygiene is the set of techniques that studies the physical, chemical or biological work environment to prevent the development of occupational diseases.

Not all jobs are at risk from a hygienic point of view. It will depend on whether there are contaminants in the workplace. The factors to consider in such a case are the following:
  • The concentration of the contaminating agent in the work environment, since if we keep said concentration below certain values, the risk will be controlled.
  • The exposure time: the longer, the more risk.
  • The personal characteristics of each individual: the contaminant does not act the same on everyone, since there may be people who are hypersensitive to certain substances.
  • The presence of several contaminating agents at the same time increases the risk.

how can we

help you?

test in laboratory
test in laboratory

At Eurocontrol we have the technical and human resources to determine physical, chemical and biological agents and we carry out the following studies:

  • Analysis of thermohygrometric conditions and thermal stress.
  • Determination of exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
  • Indoor air quality studies.
  • Lighting studies and measurements.
  • Noise and vibration studies and measurements.
  • Hygiene management in the company.
  • Assessment of exposure to chemical agents (measurements of organic vapors, total dust, silica, etc.).
  • Assessment of exposure to biological agents

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Adaptation of work equipment to R.D. 1215/97

One of the main obligations of any company is to guarantee the safety of its workers in any work environment. The use of certain work equipment, especially but not exclusively in the industrial sector, can become dangerous if the machines are unsafe or improperly installed.

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Ergonomics and applied psychosociology

Ergonomics and psychosociology assess the working conditions in a work environment. The assessment will vary according to personal characteristics and the factors surrounding the workplace; it will also be necessary to assess the type of task to be carried out and its duration. To do this, our specialised technicians analyse each workstation and the most appropriate study method, in order to propose the appropriate corrective measures.

external prevention service
External Prevention Service

Eurocontrol's External Prevention Service places at your disposal an interdisciplinary team that integrates all the elements that make up safety, hygiene and ergonomics in your company. Our External Prevention Service is accredited by the Ministry of Labor at the national level.

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