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Acoustic measurements

Eurocontrol's acoustic testing laboratory carries out a wide range of on-site acoustic tests in the field of environmental and building acoustics. The reliability of the same, together with the efficiency in the provision of the service are the main values that make us the best choice to carry out measurements for requirements of the Administration, acoustic certifications of buildings, etc.

Eurocontrol evaluates and guarantees the independence and impartiality of the personnel who carry out the acoustic tests.

What is

our Acoustic testing laboratory?


The Acoustics Laboratory is your ideal partner to assist you in all your acoustic projects. Its wide range of services enables it to meet all your needs: product qualification and certification, engineering and calculations, on-site acoustic performance measurements.
Our laboratories carry out measurements such as the acoustic power W of a source. Our laboratories also regularly quantify the sound absorption coefficients of materials
From optimising the performance of construction elements, materials and source treatments to applied research for testing acoustic complexes and establishing the records of new materials, we are able to carry out all your acoustic tests.

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Essay Types and Norms


- Airborne noise insulation of dividing walls, slabs, engine rooms, etc. : UNE-EN ISO 140-4:1999, UNE-EN ISO 16283-1:2015

 - Airborne noise insulation of facades : UNE-EN ISO 140-5:1999, UNE-EN ISO 16283-3:2016

- Impact noise insulation of floors, floors, etc. : UNE-EN ISO 140-7:1999, UNE-EN ISO 16283-2:2019

- Qualified activities, residential buildings, etc. Verification and certification of Municipal Ordinances and Autonomous and State Legislation : R.D. 1367/2007 that develops the Noise Law, Municipal Ordinances, Autonomous Decrees…

- Measurement of noise immission from activities (bars, discos...) or facilities (elevator machinery, air conditioners, pressure groups...) : R.D. 1367/2007 that develops the Noise Law, Municipal Ordinances, Autonomous Decrees…

 - Reverberation Time in Auditoriums, Theaters, Conference Rooms, etc. : UNE-EN ISO 3382:2008

- Determination of acoustic power level of noise sources from acoustic pressure : UNE-EN ISO 3744:2010

- Measurement of vibration transmission in buildings : UNE-EN ISO 2631-2:2011

- Evaluation of the level of exposure of workers to noise : RD 1316/89


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acoustic emissions
Acoustic Engineering and Consulting
The social cost of noise is estimated to be several billion euros per year. This cost includes the harmful effects of noise on people's health as well as property depreciation due to poor sound insulation.
Developments in recent years in terms of environmental regulations and certification have also brought the issue of acoustics to the heart of projects.
From acoustic studies of new or existing structures to the management of noise in the external environment, engineering and consulting in the field of acoustics make it possible to carry out global impact studies and to certify the acoustics of buildings.
anti noise cask
Acoustic Auditing

The Acoustic Audit is a concept defined in Law 7/2002 on Protection against Noise Pollution of December 3, 2007 of the Generalitat Valenciana and Decree 266/2004 of December 3, of the Consell de la Generalitat, by which The rules for the prevention and correction of noise pollution are established in relation to activities, facilities, buildings, works and services. It consists of carrying out a control of acoustic emissions, levels of insulation and reception in the environment, of any activity likely to generate noise and/or vibrations.

sound camera in the office
Locating noise sources using a sound camera

Study of the location of sound sources and acoustic bridges through the use of a sound camera. This technology locates the foci visually through photographs or videos with color representation based on the sound contribution of the visualized focus. This allows knowing the importance and situation of industrial or other types of noise sources, as well as the noise level emitted by the localized emission point.

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