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Geological and geotechnical studies - Geotechnics

Geotechnical studies are mandatory for any type of building, following the current regulations imposed by Royal Decree 314/2006, of March 17, which approves the Technical Building Code (CTE), which develops the regulations of The Building Regulation Law (LOE) establishing in its basic document (DB-SE-C), the issues that concern geotechnical studies and the responsibilities of the different parties involved in the building process.

What are

Geological and geotechnical studies?


A geotechnical or geological study is a soil study that aims to :

  • Determine the mechanical characteristics of the land that will support a construction
  • Assess the natural risks identified in the sector in which a project is to be carried out and their impact on the future construction

It is the result of a field study which makes it possible to obtain the geology (the types of soil encountered), the piezometric level (the water level at the site) and the initial mechanical characteristics (apparent resistance) of the soil. Once the results have been interpreted, they can be used to guide the project owner and the project managers as to the type of foundation to be used for the project.


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renovation of taxiways A.23 and more Madrid airport
renovation of taxiways A.23 and more Madrid airport

One of the main factors to take into account when designing a work is the terrain on which it sits, analyzing its bearing capacity and its behavior in the face of possible eventualities.

Therefore, to study the different factors that come into play and to anticipate and avoid situations that may arise, Eurocontrol carries out a series of activities:

  • Analysis of existing information
  • Study of the geological profile of the plot
  • Definition and execution of a geotechnical campaign for the evaluation of land, through drilling of wells, dynamic penetration tests, in situ tests inside wells (SPT, pressure meters), completing it with the taking of samples (unaltered, paraffin-coated) for testing in the laboratory, as well as the use of geophysical techniques.
  • Topographic support.
  • Establishment of the geotechnical model with determination of deformation parameters of each defined unit.
  • Characterization of the geological environment that allows to face with guarantees and economy the type and characteristics of the foundation and containment systems
Geotechnical study
Geotechnical study
  • Study of possible contaminated soils, groundwater collection, landfills, etc.
  • Analysis of instability of slopes and dividing walls. Design of corrective measures
  • Design and calculation of shallow foundations, piles, micropiles, wells, etc.
  • Design of containment elements: continuous walls and screens and piles
  • Design of special treatments: compensation injections, preloads, soil stabilization with lime and cement, gravel columns, etc.
  • Studies of foundation pathologies and design of solutions (underpinnings, injections, micropile screens, etc.) and instrumentation and monitoring of land.
  • Foundation studies for rehabilitation works
  • Geotechnical advice

Only a properly carried out geological-geotechnical study is a guarantee of compliance with the new regulations. The objective of Eurocontrol is to advise the client in relation to studies of the land and problems associated with it in all phases, from the planning and drafting of the project to the exploitation phase.

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