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Environmental consultancy and assistance on construction sites

The need to provide environmental management on jobs is established not just in the applicable national and sector legislation but also in Environmental Impact Declarations issued as part of the process to authorise projects and actions.

In such cases, the Environmental Works Management (DAO) is the result of the decentralisation of the Project Management, and takes up responsibility for the monitoring and control of all the environmental aspects associated with the job. Its role is therefore key, and is highly relevant.


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workers on a construction site
workers on a construction site

We develop these environmental management tasks in the works, providing a comprehensive approach service that ranges from the work prior to the start of the works, environmental surveillance during its development, to environmental monitoring during the operation of the facilities or infrastructures.

We have extensive experience in this field, having developed DAO contracts and technical assistance to the DAO for organizations such as AENA, Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium, Acuamed, ACUAES, Xunta de Galicia, Ministry of Development, etc.

As part of our quality policy, at Eurocontrol we carry out environmental management tasks on site through the so-called Supervision and Control Plan (PSC) and its associated procedures. This Plan procedures the tasks and functions in the environmental management of the work. It is, therefore, an instrument with a clearly oriented vocation to ensure the satisfaction of the demands raised by the client.

Before the start of the works, at Eurocontrol we ensure compliance with all the conditions and prescriptions that must be adopted to ensure its correct execution. For it:

  • We carry out an initial review of all the environmental aspects included in the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and Environmental Impact Statement (DIA).
  • We review the Environmental Surveillance Plan (PVA), and if it does not exist, we write it.
  • We verify that the project incorporates the environmental conditions required in the DIA.
  • We analyze all state, regional and local regulations of an environmental and sectoral nature applicable to the project, as well as other binding reports issued by different bodies.
  • We review the Environmental Quality Assurance Plan prepared by the contractor company for compliance with the environmental requirements that must be considered during the execution of said works.
bridge in construction
bridge in construction

During the phase when the work is being done, Eurocontrol:

  • Periodically visits the work to track and monitor it, adapting the frequency of visits to the requirements of the DIA/Administration environmental resolutions, and to the reality of the work.
  • Ensures that the measures provided for in the EsIA are being implemented correctly, and are adjusted to the environmental integration criteria put in place in the DIA.
  • Verifies that the action taken is in compliance with the requisites established in the mandatory legislation in the sector.
  • Checks the effectiveness of the protective and corrective measures established and implemented and, if considered unsatisfactory, determines the causes and establishes the appropriate remedies.
  • Detects impacts not foreseen in the EsIA, defining the most adequate additional measures to reduce, eliminate or compensate them.
  • Coordinates the archaeological monitoring work.
  • Interprets and values the analyses performed: noise target trials, water and soil analyses, etc., and, if required by the client, completing the analyses and measurements created in the Administration’s resolutions.
  • Draws up the environmental monitoring reports provided for in the DIA and the specialised reports required.
  • Prepares the projects for the restoration of the zones affected by the work, including those where surplus materials from excavation are deposited.
  • Advises the Work Management of any decision or change raised and which affects the environmental values of the area, pointing out any problems which might be caused and suggesting solutions to minimise possible impacts.
workers on a construction site
workers on a construction site
At the end of the works, from Eurocontrol we are in charge of monitoring the environmental measures adopted in the project, such as plantations, environmental restoration of degraded areas during the execution of the works, presence of fauna, erosion processes, water quality, etc. .

We also carry out the necessary procedures for the execution of the works, such as authorizations for the execution of works in areas of Public Hydraulic Domain and Police Zone of riverbeds, authorizations to carry out felling, pruning or cleaning of trees, authorizations for the necessary archaeological work , legalization of concrete, crushing or asphalt plants, environmental procedures for new loans or landfills, waste management plans, as well as all those additional studies established in the DIAs or in the construction projects, such as environmental targets, detail of fauna, sensitivity of buildings to noise and vibrations during construction, archaeological studies, studies of flora and fauna, etc.

Likewise, we take care of carrying out all the procedures and procedures that the Administration requires for the authorization of its facilities: authorization of facilities where potentially polluting activities of the atmosphere are carried out (APCA), integrated environmental authorization (A.I.A), situation reports and preliminary soil, waste management plans, processing of registration as waste products, waste management authorization, etc.

We have extensive experience in designing sampling and taking samples "in situ" and in preparing test results reports for all types of environmental parameters for Civil Works and industrial facilities, with ENAC Accreditation in accordance with the UNE-EN standard. ISO/IEC 17020 for environmental inspection, and UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for carrying out acoustic tests.

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