Dynamic inspection of structures: Ap'Structure

Ap'Structure, our dynamic inspection tool for structures, makes it possible to characterise and monitor any type of structure, in order to prolong its service life and guarantee its ability to provide service. 

How does

Ap'Structure work?

Ap'Structure is a self-contained system that collects acceleration readings at various strategically located points on the structure to be inspected. 

The dynamic inspection process can be performed in several ways:

  • Momentary inspection, whereby the dynamic response of the structure at a given moment is obtained. In the specific case of railway bridges, this type of inspection is called IECaD (Special Inspection for Dynamic Characterisation) according to ADIF standard NAP 2-4-2.1.
  • Discontinuous monitoring, consisting of performing several momentary inspections separated in time.
  • Continuous monitoring, consisting of installing accelerometers and auxiliary equipment on the structure. The data is transmitted to a secure remote access software platform, which provides information on the state of the structure in real time.

During monitoring, by watching the evolution of the structure's parameters, we can predict its behaviour over time. 


Ap'Structure is the result of a multidisciplinary approach that combines our experience in various fields such as materials, non-destructive testing, sensors, maintenance and data analysis and modelling. 

The tool is continuously enriched with the databases obtained from the different structures analysed, which are the cornerstone of its predictive nature and guarantee the quality of remote diagnostics.

Ap'Structure has been successfully used over the last decade on more than 1,500 structures all over the world (France, Mexico, Switzerland, etc.) for linear works, conventional and singular buildings, energy and industrial installations and heritage constructions.

What is Structural Health Monitoring and
predictive maintenance of structures?

Any type of structure is subject to a process of wear and tear that can compromise its integrity and the safety of its users. Analysing their behaviour to detect anomalies and predict their behaviour over time is a qualitative leap when it comes to prioritising corrective actions given that, in an engineered structure, the cost of a repair is three times higher than preventive action.

Structural Health Monitoring helps to assess the integrity, condition and maintenance of all types of structures and buildings, over time. Ap'Structure in either discontinuous or continuous monitoring mode is a reliable SHM system that can monitor the evolution over time of any type of structure and effectively contribute to the prevention of potential failures.


of Ap'Structure:

  • Easy to deploy system. In a few days, we can deploy our solution with no or minimal service interruption.
  • Passive system. The structure is loaded by external actions, mainly wind. It is neither destructive nor invasive.
  • Thanks to the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), it allows obtaining the dynamic parameters of the structure (frequencies, eigenmodes of vibration, damping).
  • The real dynamic response of the inspected structure can be analysed with the theoretical response considered by the designers, with that required by the standards or it can be used to calibrate calculation models.
  • It shows the overall behaviour of the structure and makes it possible to determine specific anomalies and hidden faults that are reflected in the dynamic properties of the structure.
  • It provides the seismic vulnerability of structures, an interesting aspect in the current moment of uncertainty where mandatory regulations (NCSE-02, NCSP-07) coexist with other performance regulations (Eurocode-8).
  • The establishment of a SHM makes it possible to control costs and avoid downtime in the service of structures, by being able to anticipate and prioritise the necessary maintenance operations.


Download our Building and Infrastructure factsheets for more information on the application of Ap'Structure in these fields.

downloadDownload the dynamic inspection sheet for structures 


downloadDownload the infrastructure dynamic inspection sheet

Real cases of application of AP'Structure

Gabriel-Montpied Stadium

Real cases of application of AP'Structure
Car parking 


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