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Technical Due Diligence of Buildings

In a constantly evolving real estate market like the current one, the technical valuation of a property or project is essential to support decision-making regarding a property. The Technical Due Diligence becomes a fundamental tool before starting a process of transaction, financing, insurance concession or for an optimal management and maintenance of the property.

What is

Technical Due Diligence?

workers controling risks
workers controling risks
The Technical Due Diligence is an investigation process that allows knowing the general state of a property, with the aim of minimizing or limiting the risks in real estate transactions through the analysis of multiple aspects: legal-administrative situation and compliance with regulations, purely technical information on the state of the building and its facilities and cost estimation.

The Technical Due Diligence can be complemented with additional studies that provide a more precise and comprehensive view of the state of the property.

Who may need a Technical Due Diligence?

  • Potential buyers, to assess the risk of their investment.
  • Sellers, to give added value to your sale.
  • Current owners, to know the current state of their property and the assessment of possible reforms.
What are the benefits of Technical Due Diligence?

  • Know the technical condition and design of the property.
  • Identify building deficiencies.
  • Establish the suitability of the property for the desired use.
  • Estimate the present and future costs that the property will have to incur for its correct maintenance.
  • Provide a solid base to negotiate the price and locate the risks.

Our services

work inspection
work inspection

How a Technical Due Diligence is carried out?

Starting from an exhaustive study of the available documentation of the building and the regulations that apply to it in each specific case (licenses, projects approved by the competent body, legalization of facilities, situation of the property with respect to current planning, cataloging, limitations in case of carrying out potential works) and a visual inspection of the property, the result of the investigation is translated into a report detailing the deficiencies detected, possible solutions are recommended and an estimate is made of the costs associated with said deficiencies. These costs are estimated for a period of five or ten years, classifying them into three categories based on their degree of urgency: immediate, medium-term and long-term.

What aspects are analyzed in a Technical Due Diligence?


  • Analysis of the technical and administrative documentation corresponding to the construction, as well as that generated during the use and maintenance of the property.


  • Analysis of the bearing capacity of the structure and its stability: inspection of the environment, structural system, building envelope and skin, interior partitioning and finishes, health and habitability.


Analysis of the status and maintenance operations of the following facilities:

  • Electrical: high and low voltage, fire protection
  • Mechanical: air conditioning, plumbing and sanitation, lifting devices, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, renewable energies, etc.
  • ICT: telecommunications, home automation, building automation, security
  • Eurocontrol has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in each of the areas involved in Technical Due Diligence. Our experience and technical competence allow us to offer a personalized service, which responds to the specific needs of the client and is supported by a work methodology adapted to each specific case.

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more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

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that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.