Topographical works - Topography

In the development of road, rail and airport infrastructures, topometric and topographic data are essential. Eurocontrol responds to these needs with its comprehensive surveying offer to ensure the safety and feasibility of works. Open data and topography are a future challenge for field analysis. The availability of data produced and collected, especially by public services, is a valuable resource for public policy analysis. In topography, the data available in open data are diverse: 2D plans, orthophotos, point clouds, 3D models, etc.

Technical assistance
for the work

Civil engineering:

  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurement of jobs and their volume
  • Redrawing
  • Monitoring of settlement
  • Job placement
  • Load tests on bridges


Rail Superstructure:

  • First and second levelling track checks
  • Checks on track facilities: points, diagonals, scissors crossings
  • Geometric control of slab track using corkelast, block and DFF system or the like
  • Geometric control of aluminothermic welding
  • Geometric controls of catenary


  • Approach systems
  • Control of taxiways
  • Runway lighting and signalling
  • Geometric controls, runway paving
  • Parking and roads
  • Buildings

Hydro projects

  • Geometric controls and measurements of collectors and galleries
  • Geometric and qualitative controls, treatment facilities


Construction and urbanisation

  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurement of jobs and their volume
  • Redrawing
  • Geometric controls on routes
  • Geometric controls on collectors
  • Geometric controls on the settlement of buildings and structures
  • Job placement.
  • Geometric controls on the construction of curtain walls


Industrial Inspection

  • Controls on tank dimensions: Volumetric, verticality, deformation,…
  • Controls on embarkation dimensions



  • Geometric and volumetric controls in tunnel construction
  • Controls on convergence and settling
road and traffic
road and traffic



  • Volumetric control in the implementation of landfills
  • Controls on landfill stability


Private properties


  • Tacheometric surveys
  • Measurements and volumes
  • Preparation of plans for building, commercial and petrol station projects,…




  • Placement, verification and optimisation of routes
  • Mapping and topographic supplements for projects
  • Expropriation supplements


Eurocontrol has already had experience which endorses our technical capacity and our effective and efficient service in large-scale projects, whether while under way or in technical assistance.

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Three men supervising of civil engineering work
Supervision of civil engineering work

The purpose of the work done in Technical Assistance is to monitor the performance of the civil engineering work from a number of points of view: quantitative, qualitative and geometric; budgetary; production and deadlines; startup and operation.

workers controlling the work
Civil works project management

The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for the work management services, its tasks consisting of collaborating with the Administration in the reasonable verification that the work done in general, and in particular the structures and installations, is completed in accordance with the project and the requisites put in place in the applicable Standards, Instructions and Regulations.

For the implementation of the project Management work, Eurocontrol has highly specialised management personnel which is backed up by a broadly experienced multidisciplinary technical team.

protective helmets
Site health and safety coordination

Eurocontrol. has site H&S coordinators with an extensive track-record both in different types of work and in the time spent on each site. Eurocontrol offers your company a team that covers all stages on a construction site, from the design stage to completion.

Eurocontrol prepares any type of documentation required by Royal Decree 1627/97:


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