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Energy supply management

At Eurocontrol we are aware of how complicated it is to actively monitor energy costs, given the complexity of the electricity market (read this article to understand how the electricity market works). That is why we take care of managing energy supplies for companies that want to outsource it and avoid that hassle.

What is

energy supply management?


The share of renewable and recovered energy represents 21% in 2021 with a target of 43% by 2030.
The energy transition and the associated objectives of the fight against climate change call on the territories to diversify their energy sources, to integrate the challenges of local energy production and to promote a low-carbon energy mix.
In a context of controlling final energy consumption, local energy production is a strong link in the energy transition to make a decisive contribution to the development of a low-carbon economy on a territorial scale (solar, wind, biomass, etc.).
Managing energy supply while respecting regulatory obligations is a crucial issue for which Eurocontrol provides you with solutions, both in terms of purchasing policy and in terms of monitoring green energy suppliers and cost control for energy bills.

Advice on

energy purchase

studies of an architectural plan
studies of an architectural plan

The phases of this service are:

  1. Search for the most advantageous purchase modality and definition of the purchase strategy, based on continuous market analysis. Our analysis includes, if relevant, alternatives to conventional energy purchases (Indexed Price or bilateral agreement/PPA).
  2. Technical assistance in contracting supplies and evaluation of offers received.

Supply billing management

The optimization of contracts involves the analysis of energy bills and the reduction, control and improvement of energy supplies, either by type of billing, unit prices invoiced or adjustments of contracted power.

  • The billing management phases are:
  • Control and optimization of contracting parameters.
  • Receipt and validation of invoices.
  • Processing and management of contract changes and/or claims.
  • Monthly billing monitoring reports.

The remuneration of eurocontrol in this case can be a percentage of the savings achieved

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Integral energy management
Eurocontrol provides strategic analysis and advice to help clients in all sectors, including energy-intensive industries, reduce energy consumption and costs, evaluate and deploy self-supply options, and ensure compliance with complex legislation on carbon emissions and energy consumption.
Monitoring and control of energy consumption

The energy consumption of the facilities of industries, buildings or complexes is controlled and monitored through different computer tools (both hardware and software), which allow extracting all the data related to said consumption and carrying out predictive analysis and monitoring of the same.

International performance measurement and verification protocol
Energy performance and energy efficiency are two concepts that should not be confused. They provide an accurate picture of the energy performance of buildings, housing and equipment. Measuring energy savings allows us to keep a roadmap and really measure the impact on the environment.
At a time when energy efficiency is becoming a major issue, the IPMVP is a protocol for calculating, monitoring and promoting the energy savings of a building that has benefited from energy saving measures (energy rehabilitation, etc.).

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