Monitoring and control of energy consumption

The energy consumption of the facilities of industries, buildings or complexes is controlled and monitored through different computer tools (both hardware and software), which allow extracting all the data related to said consumption and carrying out predictive analysis and monitoring of the same.

Why use

a monitoring system?

Contar con un sistema de monitorización permite desagregar la demanda (cuánto consumir qué) y que los márgenes de error en un modelado energético se pueden reducir o eliminar.

Otras razones directas para usar la monitorizaciónson:

  • Obtener la distribucion de consumo.
  • Obtener indicadores energeticos y linea base.
  • Detectar encendidos fuera de horario ®reducir el consumo residual.
  • Detección de picos de demanda®optimización de la potencia contratada.
  • Ahorro de costes operativos y de mantenimiento.
  • Detección prematura de fallos (desajuste de setpoint, error de funcionamiento en baterías de condensadores, desequilibrio de fases, presencia de armónicos).
  • Configuración de alarmas para detección de incidencias.
  • Comparativa entre distintas sedes o plantas de la misma organización ® benchmarking
  • Identificación de posibles medidas de mejora y ahorro de la eficiencia energética de las instalaciones.

Para poder controlar y optimizar el consumo es necesario medirlo. Priorizar la monitorización favoreciendo que cualquier otra actuación en el ámbito energético sea más precisa, útil y rentable

Our services


Monitoring is a fundamental part in the implementation of an Energy Management System. ISO 50001 requires that this system exist. It does not tell us the number of measurement points, that depends on the robustness that you want to give the system.

  • Monitoring provides automatic information on the energy variables of an organization in order to detect deviations, improve the energy performance of the center and reduce the associated economic costs.
  • It allows knowing and locating the consumption of the different points of the organization (industrial plant, building, multi-site organization, etc.)
    Speed up decision making.

Eurocontrol implements various interoperable monitoring tools in individual and multi-site centers. We can adapt to the tool that the client prefers

We are partners of the following tool:

eSight monitoring solution

  • Modular and scalable monitoring solution
  • Unlimited variables
  • Use of existing equipment
  • Customizable automatic reports
  • Identification of anomalies in consumption and development of energy models
  • Savings target setting (PM&V)
  • Validation of invoices and monitoring of contracts

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Eurocontrol provides strategic analysis and advice to help clients in all sectors, including energy-intensive industries, reduce energy consumption and costs, evaluate and deploy self-supply options, and ensure compliance with complex legislation on carbon emissions and energy consumption.
RD 56-2016 - energy audit
For many companies, the energy bill represents a major part of production costs, which is also subject to the volatility of energy prices. Reducing energy consumption is a financial issue, but it is also an environmental issue. Conducting an energy audit is essential to know the energy performance of a company, to know what possible improvements can be implemented and, where applicable, to comply with RD 56/2016. 
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Energy supply management

At Eurocontrol we are aware of how complicated it is to actively monitor energy costs, given the complexity of the electricity market (read this article to understand how the electricity market works). That is why we take care of managing energy supplies for companies that want to outsource it and avoid that hassle.

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