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Spill inspection

The protection of the environment and the health of employees and local residents is an important issue that companies must take into account when using, storing or handling chemical or hazardous materials in the course of their business.

Industrial pollution originates from discharges of potentially toxic substances released by industries, as well as water discharged from factories.

To limit pollution caused by the discharge of polluting materials into water, the law has established a strict system of controls with which companies must comply.

What is

Spill inspection?

All activities (industrial or otherwise) that involve the use of water in their processes are likely to generate polluting discharges. The owner of the activity must carry out periodic measurements of the discharges in order to control that they do not exceed the limits set by the competent authority.

Discharges can be classified into two types depending on their destination and the specifications established for their control.

2 types

of discharges


Discharges into the sewage system


The activity must have a discharge authorisation from the local council of the municipality in which it is located. The control must be carried out by an Authorised Control Body (OCA) by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) for Environmental Inspection, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard.


Discharges into the natural environment: stream, river, sea, septic tank, etc.


The discharge authorisation depends on the Hydrographic Confederations and the control must be carried out by an Authorised Control Body (OCA) by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) for Environmental Inspection according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard, which is also a Collaborating Entity of the Hydraulic Administration (ECAH).

On the other hand, activities that carry out controlled or uncontrolled discharges are susceptible to groundwater controls, when so indicated in their application document (regulations, AAI, etc.) and in cases of cessation of activity associated with a soil study.

Our services

Eurocontrol is an Authorised Control Body, with accreditation 06/EI092 in Environmental Inspection (see full scope of accreditation) and a Collaborating Entity of the Water Administration.
We are also one of the few ECAHs in Spain that includes in its accreditation the WASTEWATER DISPOSAL INSPECTION PROTOCOL (PIV) for the Conformity Assessment works regarding the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a discharge (wastewater) and regarding the concentration of pollutants in the receiving environment (inland water).


At Eurocontrol we respond to all your company's needs in the field of discharges and water quality, carrying out the following work:

  • Sampling of wastewater and groundwater. Verification of conformity according to concentration (physical-chemical).
  • Determination of discharge flow and parameters "in situ".
  • Inspections as a Collaborating Entity of the Hydraulic Administration, according to the Wastewater Discharge Inspection Protocol (accreditation number EC031/2).


Outside the scope of accreditation, we offer the following services:

  • Characterisation of surface water.
  • Installation of piezometers for groundwater monitoring.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of corrective measures and purification systems.
  • Control of biota, sediments and sludge in inland and marine waters.

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Environmental Technical Assistance
Activities likely to generate an environmental impact must meet a series of administrative and technical requirements and it is essential to be accompanied to ensure compliance.

From assessments to the preparation of monitoring programmes, including environmental studies of all kinds, Eurocontrol provides you with advice and technical support. We are experts in the processing of environmental files and in the drafting of the necessary studies, both for the general state administration and in the autonomous communities.
Management systems consultancy
Management systems consultancy
The implementation of risk control and continuous improvement tools implies the integration of the strategy, resources and operation of an activity, in addition to enabling the integration of environmental and sustainability commitments and safety requirements, among others. All of this generates added value for your organization through improved competitiveness and access to new markets.
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Acoustic Testing Laboratory

Eurocontrol's acoustic testing laboratory carries out a wide range of on-site acoustic tests in the field of environmental and building acoustics. The reliability of the same, together with the efficiency in the provision of the service are the main values that make us the best choice to carry out measurements for requirements of the Administration, acoustic certifications of buildings, etc.

Eurocontrol evaluates and guarantees the independence and impartiality of the personnel who carry out the acoustic tests.

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A team of experts at your disposal

more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

Complementary areas of activity

that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.