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Inspection of thermal installations in buildings

Ensuring that the thermal equipment and installations in a building are in good condition and working properly is not only an obligation, but also contributes to improving energy efficiency and ensuring the sustainability conditions of the building.

The verification of the safety and energy efficiency of heating and fluid installations in buildings includes the production of heat or cooling, air treatment and ventilation installations and the production of domestic hot water through renewable energies.

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What is 

Inspection of thermal installations?

The inspection of thermal installations in buildings guarantees their safety and energy efficiency, with the aim of protecting citizens' health and air quality and promoting energy savings.


Royal Decree 1027/2007 of 20 July 2007, which approves the Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), establishes the procedure and frequency of inspections of thermal installations: boilers and air conditioning systems, thus complying with the requirements established in Directive 2002/91/EC of 16 December on the energy performance of thermal installations in new and existing buildings.


Fixed air-conditioning installations (heating, cooling and ventilation) and domestic hot water production, intended to meet the demand for thermal comfort and hygiene of people.

Eurocontrol offers its experience in the following inspections of thermal installations:

Thermal installations
Thermal installations

Type of inspection


  • Heat Generator Inspection
  • Cooling Generator Inspection
  • Complete Thermal Installation Inspection




  • Heat generators

      - Rated thermal input ≥ 20kW and from renewable gases and fuels and other fuels: 5 years

      - Rated thermal input > 70kW and from renewable gases and fuels: 4 years

      - Rated thermal input > 70kW and from other fuels: 2 years.

  • Cooling generators: 5 years
  • Complete periodic inspection: 15 years


downloadDownload the Guide to inspections of thermal installations in buildings RITE

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