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Lift inspection

We carry out regulatory inspections as an authorised inspection body and CE marking as a notified body.

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What is

lift inspection?

The inspection and maintenance of all types of elevators and their safety components (lift inspection), which are used daily by millions of people, is essential to ensure the safety of users. Therefore, it is not only necessary to carry out maintenance inspections, but also to have the lift regularly inspected by an inspection body to ensure that the lift is in good working order and safe.

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Regulatory inspection

We carry out the inspection of lifts and lifts, according to the requirements specified in the corresponding regulations, performing, among other tests, stability tests, review of safety devices and clearances, visual inspection and compliance with regulations.

Royal Decree 88/2013, of 8 February, approves the Complementary Technical Instruction AEM 1 "Lifts" of the Regulation on lifting and handling equipment approved by Royal Decree 2291/1985, of 8 November, and establishes the Periodic Official Inspection in accordance with the following deadlines:

  • Every 2 years: Devices installed in industrial buildings and places of Public Concurrence.
  • Every 4 years: Appliances installed in buildings with more than twenty dwellings or with more than four stops, including the boarding stop.
  • Every 6 years: All other installations.


Other inspections

Design assessment and inspection of lifts already installed and undergoing a Major Modification.

Periodic inspection of lifts with reduced speed < 0.15 m/s, i.e. lifts installed in buildings to overcome architectural barriers and solve accessibility problems, lifting platforms installed in buildings for people with reduced mobility, single-family homes, etc. as per the Complementary Technical Instruction AEM 1 "Lifts" (R.D. 88/2013, of 8 February) of the lifting and handling equipment regulations.

In addition, the lifts must be inspected:

  • By change of maintainer
  • After an accident with damage to persons or property and, when so determined by the competent body of the Autonomous Community in use of its legal powers.

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We are specialists in technical training on international and national standards and regulations in all sectors of activity that are concerned with ensuring the safety of workers, minimising risks, and creating safe, reliable and quality products and services for the market. Our courses are given by specialists in each subject and offer training that responds to the real needs of companies, as they have been developed based on the practical experience of our technicians.

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