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Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010-35-EU

Directive 2010/35/EU, which entered into force on 30 June 2011, on transportable pressure equipment, sets out detailed rules to improve safety and ensure the free movement of such equipment in the European Union (EU).
Any receptacle or tank used for the transport (by road or rail) of Class 2 gases (as well as certain dangerous substances of other classes), including their valves and other accessories used for transport, are covered by this directive, which requires regular external and internal inspections of such equipment and its documentation.

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What is

Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU?

The Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU unifies and regulates the safety of the conditions of transport of dangerous goods within the scope of the European Union, in the phases of manufacture, import, marketing and use of the aforementioned equipment, including periodic and extraordinary inspections of the same. On the other hand, it establishes that they must carry a specific label (Π - PI marking), which certifies that the equipment complies with the requirements established in Directives 2008/38/EC and 2010/35/EU itself. The Directive is transposed into Spanish legislation in Royal Decree 1388/2011.  

truck carrying various gas bottles
truck carrying various gas bottles

Transportable pressure equipment means transportable pressure equipment:

  • Any pressure receptacle and its valves and other accessories.
  • Tanks, battery vehicles/wagons, multiple element gas containers (MEGCs) and their valves and other accessories.


The equipment concerned by Directive 2010/35/EU is as follows:

  • In terms of placing on the market, new equipment which does not have the conformity marking.
  • In terms of periodic inspections, equipment that does have the conformity marking.
  • For reassessment of conformity, equipment without the conformity marking provided for in Directive 1999/36/EC.


Conformity assessment for obtaining the Π marking (PI marking), reassessment of conformity and periodic or exceptional inspections to ensure that pressure equipment complies with the safety requirements laid down shall be carried out by a notified inspection body and shall be valid throughout the territory of the European Union. Eurocontrol is accredited by ENAC which allows us to perform the following services:

Types of inspection



  • Type approval
  • Initial checks
  • Periodic inspections
  • Extraordinary checks
  • Conformity reassessment


Pressure vessels (cylinders)

  • Type approval
  • Periodic inspections (10 years)
  • Surveillance of the applicant's in-house inspection service (renewable every 3 years, with 2 visits per year)
  • Reassessment of conformity



  • Fixed refrigerated gas tank: initial, extraordinary, intermediate every 2.5 years, periodic every 5 years.
  • Fixed tank for other goods: initial, extraordinary, intermediate every 3 years, periodic every 6 years.
  • Refrigerated gas tank container: initial, extraordinary, first intermediate inspection after 4 years, periodic after 8 years, then intermediate every 6 years, periodic every 12 years.
  • Tank container for other goods: initial, extraordinary, intermediate every 2.5 years, periodic every 5 years.
  • Refrigerated gas tank wagon or container: initial, extraordinary, intermediate every 6 years, periodic every 8 years the first one and every 12 years the following ones.
  • Tank wagon or container for other goods: initial, extraordinary, intermediate every 4 years, periodic every 8 years.

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