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Business Intelligence

In the midst of the digital transformation era, any company that does not catch up is at risk of being left behind by being overtaken by the competition. That a company can have reliable reports that reflect the activity of the company, and of the competition, becomes essential.

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map with country in red
map with country in red
The basis is the structured organization of information, combining the company's own internal data with other external data from the competition. As well as historical data, which help predict future behavior, through calculations that also incorporate other different parameters. The objective is to ensure that this information is represented in a graphic, orderly and intuitive way, in order to make decisions aimed at global improvement.

The study of internal data provides the company with improvements in processes, storage, distribution, energy efficiency and improves the services provided to its customers. It also helps to identify the best customers, in order to retain them, and provides the necessary information to generate new customers.

Studying the competition is something essential, which is achieved by adding external information, and after comparing the data, comparative reports will be obtained.

Our clients will therefore have the necessary tool for decision making, with the aim of improving their position in the market, by increasing their clients and their profits.

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network and keyboard

At Eurocontrol Smart Solutions we offer a full range of business BI services, ranging from preparation, maturity assessment and requirements analysis to the complete design and development of the BI project and even subsequent learning support to ensure the optimal user adoption.

We execute ad-hoc projects on the client's production chain, reading data from different platforms, ERP, databases, and even individual files. We build on them a complete intelligence of the data, and we prepare an online publication of the visualizations oriented to the different profiles where the data has been treated to obtain from them the necessary knowledge for each area.

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The number of electronic devices where we can apply IoT solutions is not only limited to those that are available on the market, but we can build them by ourselves.
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