communication in the city

IOT Solutions

Thanks to the lower cost of electronic devices capable of connecting to the Internet and the arrival of the new 5G technology, real-time communication never seen before will be achieved.

The number of electronic devices where we can apply IoT solutions is not only limited to those that are available on the market, but we can build them by ourselves.

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map with country in red
map with country in red
The currently called "maker" movement will cause these devices to be adapted exactly to the needs of users, and new devices will be manufactured that did not exist before. For all these reasons, it will become commonplace in companies to install sensors to measure the number of visitors, cameras to analyze the type of public that visits us, automation to open doors or to show one or another object depending on the public present. or lighting or time of day. Therefore, it will be a clear advance to be able to equip devices with intelligence to collect information that offers us an improvement in productivity and profits, offer proximity advertising or adapt in real time to customer needs.

The arrival of 5G networks in Spain will represent a qualitative leap in mobile connections, improving latency to values below one millisecond, in other words, between 60 and 120 times faster than the average 4G latencies. Experts, in view of the results that the tests are offering, hope that this technology will allow the IoT to reach its maximum potential, by providing a much greater capacity for connecting devices concurrently and drastically reducing the energy consumption of the devices.

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communication in the city
communication in the city

At Eurocontrol Smart Solutions we help companies discover the individual potential of IoT services, studying each specific case. We will propose suitable scenarios for the deployment of optimal IoT technologies, aimed at developing solutions based on the specific needs of each client, and successfully integrating them into the client's platforms.

The processing of the data will be stored with total security, something essential, since they interact with devices whose activity may be critical for the company and for the workers. We provide clients with the platform and infrastructure necessary to work with IoT, what is really important when working in the cloud, with devices or sensors being secondary.

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