radio tower

Infrastructure sharing management

Control of compliance with current regulations on levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields, both in the public sphere (R.D. 1066/2001) and in the occupational environment (R.D. 299/2016). We carry out radioelectric studies, periodic certifications and commissioning requests.

What is

telecommunications infrastructure sharing management?

Radio tower
Radio tower
With the emergence of new infrastructure management companies, and the expected greater densification of antennas, it is increasingly necessary to promote infrastructure sharing models. This allows, on the one hand, to reduce costs and, at the same time, to locate the infrastructure in points with greater radio range and ease of being provided with energy or transmission.

The foregoing requires a process of negotiation, design of the solution and adaptation of the infrastructure to bring the installation to a successful conclusion that involves very diverse agents (Operator, Infrastructure Manager, engineering, equipment supplier, installer...)

In order to deal effectively with the management of telecommunications infrastructure sharing, it is necessary to compile and analyze the documentation provided by engineering regarding the new installation associated with a new operator, to verify compliance with the agreed conditions that enable, at the discretion of all the equipment installation parts.

The services performed in this service are:
  • Completion of client tools for the management and documentation of shares.
  • Completion of third-party tools for the management and documentation of shares.
  • Record of information.
  • Monitoring of the status of shares.
  • CAPs management (compilation from supplier, sending to third parties and status and version tracking)
  • Reporting of the main indicators.

how can we

help you?

At Eurocontrol, we have a tool (Adagio) that allows us to efficiently manage the entire process, through detailed monitoring and control of the status of all sharing requests up to the final "Site Ready" status, gathering information from different sources:

  • New requests (suppliers).
  • Export status of requests for owner tools.
  • Export of third-party tools.
  • Export of self-management derivatives.
  • Exchange of information with the different infrastructure owners, managed from a technical management office.
  • Documentation for requests and their updates (CAP, AdR, Co-location Acts...) with version control.

The process begins with the request for a new share in Adagio by the supplier, entering the basic data. At the same time that the new sharing is requested, the documentation corresponding to the request is loaded.

Through this tool, Eurocontrol's sharing management team monitors the activities that make up the process, promoting actions that allow progress to be made in the different milestones, establishing channels of communication with the different agents involved.

With the information from Adagio, an intelligent report is programmed in which the following will be quickly and easily identified:

  • Areas with the highest number of blockages
  • Owners with the highest rate of rejections
  • Engineering with the highest number of incidents and amount of pending documentation.
  • Causes of crashes
  • Responsible for blockades
  • Types of sites with greater complexity to share

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