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Telecommunications infrastructure due diligence

We carry out the audit and inventory of the state of mobile and fixed network infrastructures using tools that facilitate the analysis of the current state, as well as the planning of actions to adapt, improve or commercialize the assets.

What is due diligence

of telecommunications infrastructure?

telecommunication tower
telecommunication tower

Due diligence of telecommunications infrastructures is understood as the process through which the state of the elements that constitute an infrastructure is identified and assessed, with a view to its correct inventory. To do this, an audit is usually carried out on site or through our telematic tools.

The following aspects are analyzed in our Due diligence service:


- Physical infrastructure:


  • Typology of the tower or antenna support structure, height and classification according to its load capacity, supplier. All this based on the documentation of the structure, or reliable databases
  • Dates of installation of the infrastructure and possible adaptations of the relevant infrastructure later (tower reinforcement, any type of modification or expansion that implies the capacity of more equipment and operators on the site).
  • Characteristics of the container or space intended to house the equipment. Space available for other indoor and/or outdoor operators.
  • Characteristics of the enclosure or plot
  • Definition and characteristics of other infrastructure elements: air conditioning, CGBT, energy equipment, batteries and other elements.
  • Data on the electricity supply and contracting with the Cias. (Connection in LV, in MV, transferred supply, generator set, etc..). Meter number data to verify that the associated CUP corresponds to the supply and site address.
  • Available documentation: cartography, projects, radioelectric studies, supply contracts, structure documentation (technical sheet, certificate, reinforcement project...) documentation related to PRL (certificate of installation, life cable certificate)
  • Current occupancy status, based on maps or recent projects (antennas and installed equipment).
  • Basic analysis of structure loads, based on its type and the installed antennas.
  • Radio equipment installed. Models and configuration. systems and band. Feeding. Occupied space and space available for other operators.
  • Radiant system installed... Antennas installed, dimensions and orientation. Installed remote heads, number and location.
  • Radio equipment and radiant system installed by another mobile operator. Allocation of antenna outlets by system, band and operator in cases of antenna sharing. Installed remote heads, number and location.
  • Transmission. type of transmission and equipment.
  • Review of the possible existence of third-party equipment on the site, identifying in each case the co-located operator and elements that are installed in each case.


- Licenses and permits.


  • State of legalization of the existing plant.
  • Information record.
  • Cost valuation.


In both areas, all the associated documentation is validated and on-site visits are made if necessary, with the possibility of carrying out additional measurements to certify proper functioning.

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