control de calidad de torre de radio

Quality control of installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks (Wireless and fixed)

We carry out quality audits that guarantee the correct state of the installation and compliance with technical specifications and applicable regulations. An appropriate quality control avoids defects in the installation, as well as the early deterioration of the elements, which implies fewer service outages, as well as the reduction of corrective actions. We also evaluate the performance level of suppliers and the training of the resources contributed to the activity.

What is installation quality control and
maintenance of telecommunications networks?


Our quality service is mainly responsible for verifying the quality compliance required by the client in the works carried out to implement or modify their networks, both mobile and fixed. This supervision tries to verify that the installation complies with the requirements or regulations in force.

We work with two audit models:

  • Physical: Where the technician physically moves to carry out the validations.
  • Remote: Through our V-Audit tool, the checks are carried out telematically.

In these audit models, the following points are mainly checked:

  • Assurance, quality verification and delivery of all the technical documentation associated with each work/site, including:
    - All documentation associated with the site.
    - Verification of the infrastructure inventory.
    - Follow-up and/or inventory that proceeds.
    - Budget Control
  • Control of the quality of the work in its installation phase
  • Quality control of the completion of the works.
  • Evaluation of the technical actions of contractors and infrastructure providers
  • Report of reports.

The aspects to be evaluated in the previous points are such as:

  • Correct definition of the solution of the adaptations or civil works
  • Correct execution based on construction regulations
  • Validation of the proposed technical design
  • Correct execution of installation work based on installation regulations
  • Review of the documentation generated during each of the milestones
  • Validation of reflectometric and power measurements


Apart from carrying out physical and remote supervision, documentary audits are also carried out to validate that the documentation complies with the installation/adequacy.

These supervisions include the different types of infrastructure construction:

  • Conditioning of existing site owned by the client for the introduction of new technology or to share with a third party.
  • Dismantling / Dismantling
  • Sharing.
  • Work for transfer of dark fiber to other operators
  • Civil works of new channeling for fiber optic laying
  • Laying of optical fiber in own existing channeling or from other operators
  • Connection works of new buildings for mobile (FTTN / FTTX) and/or service to companies with installation of client equipment.
  • Installation works of new equipment or expansion of these of the transport network (MAN, LD), BBIP, Aggregation, Fixed Access (OLT for FTTH, ULL, etc..), Mobile Access (Radio and TX) and Core
  • Adaptation work in the customer's technical centers (Technical Environment) or third parties, for the installation of fixed network equipment such as: installation of optical distribution frames (ODFs...), cable laying/patches, electrical conditioning, etc.
  • Work related to the communication of affected services
  • Locations new macros
  • Special indoor project
  • Folds
  • Connection works of new buildings for mobile (FTTN / FTTX) and/or service to companies with installation of client equipment.

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