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Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 consultancy

Smart City is the generic name given to any municipality (regardless of size or typology) that efficiently manages its resources to provide more quality of life for its citizens (the center of the entire system), as the ultimate goal, but to the preeminent time.

What are

the objectives?

smart city
smart city

Other important objectives are:

  • Achieve more sustainable development.
  • Achieve greater efficiency in the use of available resources and increased productivity.
  • Achieve greater active citizen participation.
  • Address the particular historical challenges of each city from a holistic perspective.

The Smart City concept has been expanded and specified in the following concepts:

  • The Smart Region: to include the smallest municipalities; and that these can share systems that allow them to be managed intelligently, with the help of supra-municipal bodies.
  • The Smart Touristic Destination: adapt the “smart” philosophy also to the specific needs of tourist destinations.
  • And all of them, together (Smart City, Smart Region and Smart Touristic Destination) are Smart Territories.

Why an

Intelligent Territory?

network and keyboard
network and keyboard

Information flows, security and the volume of services required have skyrocketed since the appearance of ICT. We need a new, more efficient management model, based on new decision-making tools.

The technology of these tools is already mature and, in some cases, they are already implemented, but the management models are still outdated and prevent the optimal operation of that technology. Or sometimes the tools are not interconnected or interoperable.

It is necessary to align technology, management model and ICT skills to exploit the full potential of data and obtain valuable information for decision making.

Our services

It is not always necessary to resort to ad hoc technology in the first instance to solve a problem in a municipality. Sometimes, it is only necessary to dedicate time and specialized knowledge to better reorganize what already exists, without investing in new resources:

  • innovate by designing new processes
  • redefine priorities
  • apply updated methodologies
  • inform, coordinate and involve stakeholders with new dynamics, etc.
  • It is highly recommended to carry out comprehensive strategic planning (Smart City Master/Strategic Plan) that also includes the definition of specific projects in the different municipal verticals: energy, water, waste collection, mobility, buildings, governance, etc.

Eurocontrol helps you carry out your comprehensive Smart City project in all its phases:

  • Smart City master/strategic plan.
  • Implementation and validation.
  • Data integrator, that is, help in the exploitation of the data.


Eurocontrol defines and updates smart city strategies, in addition to supervising, analyzing, controlling and verifying the results


The different fields of expertise of Eurocontrol that coincide with the verticals of a municipality are the following:


  • GIS inventory, real estate asset management, etc.
  • Energy certificates in electronic register, etc.
  • Support in the development of proposals for Smart City public financing projects.
  • Monitoring and control of Smart Cities sensor networks.


  • Consultancy and analysis in the definition of the Smart City strategy for municipalities.
  • Training of Administration personnel.
  • Technical assistance in adapting existing local regulations and standards to new technologies.
  • Assistance in Innovative/Participatory Public Procurement (CPI/CPP)
  • Monitoring and review of standardization, regulation and normalization standards aimed at promoting or facilitating the implementation of new technological concepts or more sustainable behaviors.
  • Development of dissemination tasks.
  • Definition of the procedure for monitoring and controlling the implementation and achievement of results in Smart City projects.
  • Definition of quality systems supported by ICT technologies.
  • Monitoring and control of Smart Cities sensor networks.


  • Lighting map, compiled with a dynamic system GIS (Geographic Information System) of free code and interoperable with other information systems of other municipal services.
  • Development of energy consumption monitoring and follow-up projects.
  • Monitoring and control of Smart Cities sensor networks.
  • Support in the development of proposals for Smart City public financing projects.


  • Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (PMUS).
  • Development of optimization plans for waste collection, traffic management...
  • Intelligent traffic regulation facilitating the traffic of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police or firefighters, as well as recognizing a dangerous situation on public roads by their sound emission (screams, shots, etc.)
  • Development of progressive replacement plans for vehicle fleets.


Smart Solutions

When the optimization of existing resources and the planning of comprehensive actions in municipal verticals are not enough to achieve the established objectives, the next step is to turn to a more specific technology.

Our solutions allow the implementation of intelligent systems in municipal verticals, also connecting them with other verticals, platforms and other sources of information (data from other municipalities, mobile APPs of citizens, national and international data lakes, social networks, etc.), achieving crosses of data that generates very valuable information for the public administration.

Eurocontrol provides you with ad hoc solutions from our Smart Solutions-Eurocontrol division, which offers a specialized end-to-end service.


Eurocontrol can help define the smart city model adapted to the needs of each client

Why Eurocontrol?

  • Experience: we have extensive experience in the main areas of action in the Smart City environment: environment, energy, management, telecommunications, etc.
  • Impartiality: we are an objective and independent company that does not provide the technology. Therefore, our clients can trust that, at the consulting stage, they will obtain an analysis that maximizes their benefit, without taking into account that of third parties.
  • Human team: we put at your disposal our qualified personnel in all the necessary areas to approach a Smart City project in an integral way.
  • Geographical coverage: we have offices spread throughout the peninsula and the islands, which allows us to offer a global service to any type of client, both nationally and locally.

Support apps

Some support applications for the development of Smart City projects:

  • Documenta is Eurocontrol's document manager, which allows the client to access their history of inspections and their modifications at any time. It is configurable according to customer requirements and accessible from the internet.
  • Energy Management System that includes energy and environmental monitoring and advanced automated control of multi-site facilities from a central position.
  • Continuous and automatic acoustic monitoring. Access to data remotely from any terminal with internet connection. Capable of providing alarms for exceeding limits, sending notifications via e-mail or SMS to those responsible, to avoid conflicts as soon as possible

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Smart City is the generic name given to any municipality (regardless of size or typology) that efficiently manages its resources to provide its citizens with a better quality of life and achieve their social and economic well-being. The master plan for Smart City is the starting point to bring a municipality closer to the concept of "intelligent city".
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Thanks to the lower cost of electronic devices capable of connecting to the Internet and the arrival of the new 5G technology, real-time communication never seen before will be achieved.

The number of electronic devices where we can apply IoT solutions is not only limited to those that are available on the market, but we can build them by ourselves.
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Why choose Eurocontrol ?


A team of experts at your disposal

more than 1,400 people specialised in different technical disciplines.

Geographical coverage at national level

with more than 30 branches and international presence in more than 50 countries through the Apave Group.

Complementary areas of activity

that allow our clients to combine safety and performance in all stages of their projects.