basura de botellas de plastico

Dirt-moisture adhering to the waste: sampling and percentage determination

We carry out the taking of representative samples of waste in order to know the amount of dirt-moisture that is adhered to them.

What is the taking of samples and

determination of the dirt-moisture adhered to the waste?

cardboard trash
cardboard trash
This is a procedure applicable to waste samples that is used to determine the content of dirt-moisture adhered to them. With this, our clients can estimate the amount of real material available and optimize waste management.

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recycling trashes in a park
recycling trashes in a park

The determination of dirt-moisture can be applied to waste samples of different nature. In general, the materials on which we conducted this study are the following:

Printed paper

Domestic paper/cardboard packaging

Commercial paper/cardboard packaging




Commercial/industrial film

Commercial/industrial plastics

Other plastic containers

Non-packaging plastics







If necessary, the study can be carried out on other additional materials.

At Eurocontrol we have our own laboratory to carry out this type of test, which we have been carrying out since 2014.

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