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Verification of scales - non automatic weighing instruments

Non-automatic weighing instruments range from precision balances, used in laboratories to measure a few grams, to weighbridges that can measure several tons (for weighing trucks, for example). Weighing instruments are present everywhere in our daily lives: how else could we weigh our vegetables in the supermarket?
An inspection of these instruments makes it possible to limit the :

  • Safety risk: not having a device that indicates the right value can lead to changes in the manufacturing process or to accidents if the pressure levels are too high.
  • Economic risk: making a measurement error can lead to cost errors with strong repercussions.

Like any measuring instrument, weighing instruments must be checked at regular intervals to ensure that their measurements remain reliable and correct.


What is 

verification of non-automatic weighing instruments

The verification of non-automatic weighing instruments (scales) is established in the Order of 27 April 1999, which regulates the State metrological control of non-automatic weighing instruments, in the phases of verification, after repair or modification and periodic verification.

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What is the deadline for periodic checks?


  • Every 2 years


Which equipment must be verified?


Non-automatic scales or weighing instruments used to establish the mass of a body for the following purposes:

  • Carrying out commercial transactions
  • Calculation of fees, duties, taxes, premiums, fines, remunerations, indemnities and other similar types of fees
  • Enforcement of rules or regulations, as well as carrying out judicial expertise
  • Weighing of patients for control, diagnostic and medical treatment purposes
  • Pharmaceutical preparation of medicines on request, as well as carrying out analyses carried out in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Determination of the total price or amount in direct sales to the public and the preparation of pre-packages


Whether the result of the verification is positive or negative, the scale shall carry a sticker in a visible place declaring compliance with the established requirements or a label of ineligibility for service.

Eurocontrol is accredited by ENAC No. OC-I/271 to perform periodic verification and after repair or modification of weighing instruments or automatic in-service instruments in the following categories:

  • Class I, 1 mg ≤ 200 g with n ≤ m ≤ 220000
  • Class I, 200 g < m ≤ 15 kg with n ≤130000
  • Class II, m ≤ 150 kg with n ≤ 100000
  • Class III, m ≤ 300 kg at n ≤ 10000
  • Class IIII, m ≤ 300 kg with n ≤ 1000

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