riscos ocupacionais

Advice and consultancy in occupational risk prevention

Occupational risk prevention is a discipline that requires the specialisation of the personnel in charge of planning, implementing and monitoring it. Our technicians advise you in this task, carrying out the assessment of the risks that affect the health and quality of life at work of your employees, the necessary audits and the prevention plan.

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What does our

occupational risk prevention consultancy consist of?

laboral risks
laboral risks

We accompany you in the design, preparation and technical advice for the implementation of the occupational risk prevention management system.


  • In compliance with the general and specific industrial and health regulations imposed by the Prevention Law.
  • In accordance with the specifications established by the management standard for health and safety at work ISO 45001.

how can we

help you?

Preliminary and internal Audits:

  • Audit prior to the legal and/or Regulatory Audit. (RD 39/97)
  • Internal audit according to ISO 45001.
  • Supplier audit

Adaptation of machinery to the R.D. 1215/97:

Elaboration of reports of adaptation of machinery to the R.D. 1215/97 and certification of conformity, when applicable.

Ergonomic and psychosocial studies:

  • Specific studies on manual handling of loads, physical load, postural risk, repetitive work, etc.
  • Specific studies on mental load and other psychosocial risks.
  • Ergonomic design of tasks or jobs.

Quality, environment and prevention:

  • Design of integrated tools for the management of quality, environment and occupational risk prevention systems.

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external prevention service
External Prevention Service

Eurocontrol's External Prevention Service places at your disposal an interdisciplinary team that integrates all the elements that make up safety, hygiene and ergonomics in your company. Our External Prevention Service is accredited by the Ministry of Labor at the national level.

ergonomy in the office
Ergonomics and applied psychosociology

Ergonomics and psychosociology assess the working conditions in a work environment. The assessment will vary according to personal characteristics and the factors surrounding the workplace; it will also be necessary to assess the type of task to be carried out and its duration. To do this, our specialised technicians analyse each workstation and the most appropriate study method, in order to propose the appropriate corrective measures.

prevention at work
Adaptation of work equipment to RD 1215-97

One of the main obligations of any company is to guarantee the safety of its workers in any work environment. The use of certain work equipment, especially but not exclusively in the industrial sector, can become dangerous if the machines are unsafe or improperly installed.

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