ergonomia no escritório

Ergonomics and applied psychosociology

Ergonomics and psychosociology assess the working conditions in a work environment. The assessment will vary according to personal characteristics and the factors surrounding the workplace; it will also be necessary to assess the type of task to be carried out and its duration. To do this, our specialised technicians analyse each workstation and the most appropriate study method, in order to propose the appropriate corrective measures.

What is


Ergonomics has tried to assess, through different techniques and different disciplines, such as medicine, engineering, psychology, physics and others, the factors that can facilitate the control of risks at work. For this, there are very important studies to know the measurements of the furniture to take into account for the different body sizes according to sex and age, in the case of ergonomics, for example; and in other cases, what colors are the ones that offer less wear for the eyes of operators of data visualization screens (computer) in the case of physics and medicine.


Ergonomics focuses its study according to the field in which it develops its work, and thus specializes in:


  • Microergonomics: design/redesign of workstations.
  • Macroergonomics: complete organizational design.


Temporarily attending at the time of applying their knowledge, we will find:


  • Corrective ergonomics: acts on existing jobs or organizations.
  • Preventive ergonomics: design new positions or organizational structures.


Eurocontrol carries out the following ergonomic studies:


  • Conception and analysis of the job.
  • Design and redesign of jobs.
  • Cargo handling studies.
  • Repetitive motion studies.
  • Studies of data visualization screens.

What is

applied psychosociology?

Psychosociology tries to analyze and propose solutions to adapt the internal factors in the company to the worker, and the external factors of the worker to prevent the risks of psychological load that often abound. The expression of these dysfunctions is sometimes given with situations of stress, anxiety, phobias, among others, and that can reduce the abilities of the worker, in the interest of the company, and the personal wear and tear that it produces on him.

Preferably, the personal characteristics of the worker will be studied, their possibilities of social interaction, their psychic and sensory abilities, their culture, their habits, etc., in the work environment, and how certain cases of work under pressure, in isolation, influence it. social, customer service, etc., and depending on the case, it will be necessary to weigh factors external to the company, family environment, the neighborhood, friends, etc. to have a deeper knowledge of the cases and propose the most appropriate corrective measures.

– Psychosocial assessment: specific studies related to: shift work, stress, mental load, work organization, etc.

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